The Chiro Cow | BJ Palmer

The Chiro Cow

Dear BJ,
Should we make research funding a priority? Is research the answer? Should I start my own fund?

I did it for years. I put millions in. Cash, buildings, time...LOVE.
I spoke, I yelled, I shouted.
I adjusted.
I wrote...

...and you created a wireless empire...Radio!

We broadcast the word far and wide. And did well, we think.
But the time has come to draw in the troops, the footsoldiers of health: Your patients.

We put up patient stories all the time.

The world knows about chiropractic. You all see thousands of people per day. Where is the money for research?
It should not be coming out of your pocket, you have paid for your tuition, your offices, the rent. Use your brain, your collective brain and get the money flowing in support of what you do.
Generate interest...get the governments to give you the cash.
I met movie stars, presidents, politicians who all got behind the "cow".
Keep milking her, but make sure you don't have to feed her too...get a hold of some of those Bulls in government to take care of the COW!