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Day Of Service

Hi BJ. What did you used to do on your days off? Was Sunday a sacred day for you? No work?

Only humans 'fix' things. God flows. Humans need imposed order. God's order is more random to your eyes. I was always 'working', even when my mind was blank.

Random is Chaos

On the contrary, lad. Chaos is also man's doing. His undoing? No chaos in nature but it appears that way to you. As you know, Christ's birthday is not even on the day his followers celebrate it. And what of time anyway? Celebrate when INNATE tells you. What do you do on Sunday? Or your sabbath...

I sat in the sun. I drove my car. I saw friends, family.
Today I spoke to a patient about choosing an orthopaedic surgeon for her son, who traumatised his elbow. I called another patient who works in the medical field to check out this specialist. Then called the first mum back to let her know she was on the right track. 
Yesterday a patient visited me on the way back from hospital (so the ER could check him for any dangerous infections that I suspected). He was clear, but I told his mother (another mum/son day!) to take him if headache worsened. They were happy and wanted to see if his spine was clear, on the way home.

There's your service to mankind and god, whomever that is to you. Service is not always about praying. Action is where its at. Mother Teresa, and all that...
I used to think subluxation was important. But its only a symbol of what we do. What is important is to help every persons innate intelligence work for them. To be "a light unto themselves" as they say.
Not to convince them to buy up a dozen visits at a time. Not to force them into belief systems they don't buy.

So you did not go to church?

Its irrelevant what I did. What matters is your innate directive. Stop chatting and you'll hear it. There is no division between the mind and body - The inner knower and the outer doer - The observer and the observed. As above, so below.
Why celebrate via man's order? The universal order is all around us. Don't pray because the priest demands it. See it in your heart...and...act!
That is a chiropractor.