A conversation with Self/ BJ

The Chiro Cow

Dear BJ,
Should we make research funding a priority? Is research the answer? Should I start my own fund?

I did it for years. I put millions in. Cash, buildings, time...LOVE.
I spoke, I yelled, I shouted.
I adjusted.
I wrote...

...and you created a wireless empire...Radio!

We broadcast the word far and wide. And did well, we think.
But the time has come to draw in the troops, the footsoldiers of health: Your patients.

We put up patient stories all the time.

The world knows about chiropractic. You all see thousands of people per day. Where is the money for research?
It should not be coming out of your pocket, you have paid for your tuition, your offices, the rent. Use your brain, your collective brain and get the money flowing in support of what you do.
Generate interest...get the governments to give you the cash.
I met movie stars, presidents, politicians who all got behind the "cow".
Keep milking her, but make sure you don't have to feed her too...get a hold of some of those Bulls in government to take care of the COW!


Chiropractic In Danger

Joe: Dear BJ, you said that your father wrote that he adjusted fourth dorsal (T4) to restore Harvey Lillards hearing (fist ever chiropractic patient, 1895). You were there?

BJ: Yes. He wrote fourth dorsal but it was atlas.

Joe: Who is right?

BJ: I know what I saw was upper cervical, I don't know why he wrote T4 but I have a feeling it was because of the medical profession at the time.

Joe: What did they have to do with it?

BJ: Well, I think it was because of a safety issue. The medics would shout "don't let them touch the neck, don't let anyone toy with your neck..."!!!!!

Joe: Astounding!

BJ: They created fear in the public.

There are communities in your world, today, discovering the Internet. Their voices are suppressed. Their BLOGs are cut. Countries where totalitarian rule governs what can and can not be said. Communist governments are spending much resources trying to eliminate free speech BLOGging.

Do you think its any different out there about the so-called dangers of manipulation? What rotten nonsense!

Joe: I know, I wrote a site called chiropracticsafety to create information on this

BJ: Good luck. Chiropractors were not taught to manipulate by me. Anyway its just a word. What you do as a chiropractor is very skilfull... careful... methodical...beneficial...wonderful!

Not this neck cracking business! A foul mess that is.

Joe: So even then, back a hundred years ago the same thing went on...now all they can come up with to counter our efficacy is a question of safety. A recent paediatric study found that virtually no child had been hurt, ever, and they still recommended safety cautions to all users of manipulation.

BJ: A FOUL and abominable excuse for research. These people should be behind bars for inciting panic and, more importantly, for demeaning scientific research to a political stunt.

Anyway, Atlas is the key my friend. Its not the only thing in the health equation. But if you do not claim it, in the name of my legacy of work, just as your friend Greg Buchanan so vehemently states, you will leave it to others with less noble motivations at heart.

Action is Chiropractic

Joe: Dear BJ, when we ask "what is chiropractic?" all sorts of connotations come to mind: philosophical jargon - with respect - yours and others' polemics, and concrete definitions that mean less and less each time you hear them. Consider wellness, to some it means vitamins, to others it means veganism.

BJ: You want to know actually what chiropractic is?

Joe: Yes. No interpretations. No mental constructs.

BJ: Your colleague, whose father was my friend, Dr Stanley Bolton, once told you "chiropractic is: what it is"...did you understand what he meant?

Joe: Yes. He explained that in a legal context, whatever chiropractors do, is chiropractic now. So whatever goes on in the name of chiropractic, at that moment, defines us. You can have some freaks of nature out there who may wave a wand and call it chiropractic, but it is generally what the majority of your peers does that defines us.

BJ: Right. So what is your question?

Joe: What is Chiropractic!

BJ: Chiropractic is what you make it. Now that I am gone, you need to observe the legacy that I left, and move on.

More importantly, observe what you do from day to day. Take the one thing that you have ever done with a patient...one thing...and gotten the maximum effect with.

Take that thing or procedure and focus on it. That will be the branch of chiropractic to be in. Most of us in the early days had great healing from something a chiropractor did, and we then became chiropractors and focused on that ourselves. Same thing.

Now, if the one thing that you did to that patient was to adjust atlas, do it. Yours is the age of specialisation. Take something and run with it, and communicate with your colleagues...work TOGETHER.

Most chiropractors agree that if there was one area they could adjust, only one segment, and for some reason could not affect any other, which is it they all profess it to be?

Joe: Atlas?

BJ: Right. But do you know how many take the time and attention to study that area and how to affect it best?

Your teacher and my student, the late, learned Dr Virgil V Strang said: "I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of patients I have who understand and know chiropractic philosophy. But what they mostly need to know is that you know."

Same with chiropractors. Know what you are doing and why. Then, most of the time, you will not even care to define what chiropractic is.

Because action is the best actual definition.

Stealing Chiropractic

Joe: Dear BJ, what concerns should we have about people like physiotherapists who are now moving into manipulation, treating organic disorders...basically beyond that of improving human movement, and toward what is more like your own life-long push to clear the human of psycho-physical barriers to health?

BJ: There is a saying "I have stood on the shoulders of giants" to gain wisdom, or however it goes. As long as you give credit where it is due, the universal laws will provide. Nobody owns chiropractic except the person who does it to his central calling, and can verbalise or initialise credit to those who went before.

Joe: Respect?

BJ: Yes, and more...but never worship. Then you create gods. If I was a god then so are you...and that, dare I say, would make God somewhat mediocre!

Joe: It is like the misuse of the word "miracle"?

BJ: Somewhat. The use of spinal adjustment does NOT do the miracle, but is involved in it, if such a thing is possible...and it is.

So what we are saying is; these other professions who profess to do what you perceive as your own are quite possibly your allies, so give them a chance. If they are not giving credit to the "giants shoulders" they've stood upon, then consider them lost in their own ego. Ego is not bad, only when you are lost in it, right? But it is one way to tell if someone acts out of selfish gratification: ask them where they got their craft. And if it is manipulation of the spine, they should not stop at DD Palmer but go all the way back to Hippocrates and the ancient Egyptians.

Joe: ha, yes.

BJ: in the future, you will find that nothing changes except the energy of delivery. At this point I not sure what that will end up being but remember what I have said in the past: knowledge is always limited - it is the momentary experience that is valid. More later...

Sub-lux-ation Rules

Joe: Dear BJ, what is the deal with subluxation? Was it a word the Palmers hung a tremendous amount of significance to? Was it meant to be controversial? Would you use it today?

BJ: consider the word "Amen", and all it represents. But what does it really mean?

BJ: One has to find a word. I don't think the phenomenon of upper cervical, with the positional analysis, with the vector formation, was ever in existenc before my father did what he did. Manipulation was fairly random. Nobody did it for the reasons we set in place. New concepts had to be communicated. People who shun subluxation (rightly or wrongly) have no idea of what context surrounded it when set into place.

People do not have any problem with reading blood pressure and deciding that it is the cause of a host of disorders. Subluxation is actually pretty clear, to me, and it must be researched in the context of learning, not dogma. Simply ask if it exists and find out. Don't assume that it does. Change the name if you wish, but don't throw out the possibility that disease can arise from spinal origin.

The problem only occurred with the claims we made. We cured this; we eradicated that...then when others tried it, it was a failure.
'The subluxation is bunk' they cried. We laid claim to curing all dis-ease...perhaps that was our mistake?

Joe: but you did cure with the adjustment

BJ: that is right. There was a time when we could find little else that some chiropractor had not helped cure at one time at any location in the USA.

Joe: So from one perspective, it did cure all disease. Perhaps not in all people?
And did you realise that it was going to be a fight to establish the theories? The evidence based literature still does this today: calls it chiropractic manipulation treating back pain, then you find it is just a study consisting of non-specific side-posture manipulation of the lumbo-pelvic area to treat pain. The opposite of everything you ever wrote or said!

BJ: Leach has done a nice job...Gatterman too, why the fuss? There will always be theory to explain phenomena.

Joe: it divides many

BJ: Yes, because they don't get the same results with what they are doing and then they want to eradicate its use. You can eradicate the hypodermic but people will still inject somehow.

I honestly do not care whether we use the word again. I am over it (largely because I am dead!). I just would rather you understand one thing. You already know what a subluxation can be, move on...and prove it.

Joe: what is the "one thing"?

BJ: you have studied Eastern thought. I know.

Joe: Right.

BJ: Just when man thinks he knows, he knows not. Just when we bother to prove that gravity is a constant truth, we walk on the moon. It is all so dynamic that the key to healing is not so much as understanding a law, but being in a moment. Solely in that moment. How do you capture that in research that is rampant with self interest, stock market interest....etc.

Joe: I had better pause right there.

BJ: so be it

The Green Books

Joe: BJ, from within which context do you wish us to study your Green Books?

BJ: Read them, study them, certainly, but make them your own. Do what you do as you only can.
They way you adjust at present is fine, good. Keep it up. Things will be revealed to you in the near future; ways of doing this better.
Instruments or "with hands only" it makes no difference now.

Joe: I guess any specific atlas adjustment is going to make a difference?

BJ: Don't guess, say what you mean.

Joe: I mean there are so few of us in this country doing it as you planned.

BJ: There are lots of things in the world that need to be done. Just do what you do with complete confidence.
Not that you will cure everyone...people choose their own cure. But if you get that adjustment right - as fast and as safely and as precisely as possible - then you never have to think twice about whether the change occurred.

Of course, just make sure that when you're questioned by the establishment that there is no lack of instrumentation to document a result.

The Green Books are really just thoughts - sorry, Thots (got to keep the fans happy) - you can think can't you? Get to it, but remember. Thought will never understand the deepest human problem.

Upper Cervical in Australia

Joe: Why is upper cervical specific in a barren state in Australia?

BJ: what do you mean?

Joe: Well, I get enquiries from all over Australia on my web site, and all over Europe, UK and there is virtually nobody there. I am the only Chiropractor in Australia Actively teaching upper cervical, to my knowledge...why?

BJ: You seem a bit stuck on yourself. You remind me of me.

Conversation One

Joe: Why does the chiropractic community not support upper cervical the way it does, say, diversified technique?

BJ: Who are you to tell the chiropractic community what to do? Why do you care? Acceptance? Reward? I struggled and delighted for over 20 years...I never looked over my shoulder, I never worried about gaining approval.

Joe: I see

BJ: Do what you do, Joe...do it with pleasure. Love those who love the healing. The power will fuel itself. Start writing you book and tell the world that wants to listen. Enuf, I said.