BJ Palmer ...instigated the most influencial upper cervical spinal adjusting movement in history, as I know it.What do patients say about Upper Cervical Chiropractic today?

What does my patient say about it? He constructed the site below, and just produced the movie above...

Early Proof? The Wet Specimen.

Ever wondered what the "wet specimen" was?
Look at this
nice, brief video by Dr Stanley Bolton. 
A living chiropractic legend himself.
I took these photos of the specimen in the Palmer museum in 2007.

Related Issues
Who else spoke about health from within?
Krishnamurti (1896-1986:below) believed that all answers lay within. Even to seek health through meditation can be used like a drug. BJ Palmer believed that no other authority outside of the body could dictate health. Read on...

Is there a new experience in meditation? The desire for experience, the higher experience which is beyond and above the daily or the commonplace, is what keeps the well-spring empty. The craving for more experience, for visions, for higher perception, for some realization or other, makes the mind look outward, which is no different from its dependence on environment and people. The curious part of meditation is that an event is not made into an experience. It is there, like a new star in the heavens, without memory taking it over and holding it, without the habitual process of recognition and response in terms of like and dislike. Our search is always outgoing; the mind seeking any experience is outgoing. Inward-going is not a search at all; it is perceiving. Response is always repetitive, for it comes always from the same bank of memory.
— J. Krishnamurti, Meditations, 1969