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BJ would self-publish extensively. They would become known as the Green Books because they sported green covers like the one in the left sidebar.

His simplification of the way humans work was summarised in one diagram:

He engaged in battles with the law, largely because the medical profession wanted his craft outlawed.

So many were charged with practicing medicine without a licence.

He defended it by stating that chiropractic did not treat disease, that we don't diagnose diseases and that we do not use certain medical instruments of cure. This, of course, was necessary in the context of the time, and now plays a different role: the chiropractor is a well equipped diagnostician, but has retained the flavour of not treating disease alone, but promoting health and prevention.

I love the way BJs arguments were depicted in print. Nowadays we have built many bridges between all professions and they are wiling to work together. However, the prejudice can still be significant and this picture is somewhat relevant today.

It is a fact that many medical workers consider chiropractic "irrelevant or insignificant" if not "dangerous".

Nowadays you will find naturopaths, spiritual healers and even medical physicians that state the premise that health comes from within. After all, so did Hippocrates with Vis Medicatrix Naturae philosophy.

BJ was making drawings of it in the early part of the 20th century. Even physiotherapists now are taking a more wholistic view of "treating disorders of human movement" in the patient, though they still largely treat symptomatically.

BJ attributed many infirmities to the spine, as his father did. Perhaps he was over-zealous. He often appeared dogmatic and stuck to his guns. This did some damage; it also seems to have done much good because the treatment of symptoms alone has cost society dearly - and made many drug companies rich, without having to address lifestyle, nutrition and the mind.

As stated earlier, so much seemed to BJ to be related to the spine.

Conditions mysteriously disappeared that were medically incurable...why wouldn't you scream it from the rooftops of Brady Street, Davenport?

And why does it escape many people who study the same anatomy that chirorpactors do? The spine has to have a large effect on the nervous system and health, right?

Whatever the current medical wisdom was, BJ questioned it...boldly.

He had a wonderful way of looking at health as a concept of energy, light and flow... deifying the dynamo!

What a forward thinker...lets not lose our heritage and forget that BJ was possibly the first person to ever devote a fastidious combination of -

radiographic methods,
postural spinographic analysis,
patient positioning
and manual delivery of a vectors to the upper vertebra of the human

- to alleviate human illness and/or promote connection of the inner and outer intelligence of the universe as it relates to human beings.