Charming story
This portrait of BJ Palmer brought a wonderful letter to me from America.
She had bought the painting in a store and had no idea who it was.
Such was the attraction here.
So it was a mystery to her who he was.

God only knows what led her to my site to see the same picture depicted at au
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From A woman from South Carolina. It read:


Dear Mr Ierano,

What a great surprise to get that CD in the mail from you, from Australia!!

I’m enjoying the tape. I’ve been playing it to and from work. I am a receptionist … and sometimes the front desk is stressful.

Plus I’m a hyper person so its good to try to relax some. My favourite song on the tape is “Brand New Mind”.

Isn’t it great that I bought the portrait of BJ Palmer at the antique shop in NC and tried to find out who my handsome man portrait over the fireplace was and then I finally discover the website with all the information on it about the college and BJ Palmer etc!

I hope to go to the mansion someday.

People think I’m crazy but its true I burst into tears when I played your beautiful “Mabels Mansion” music. It meant a lot to me to finally get to the end of my quest!

I hope you like the book mark. I picked one that looked like it had two hands on it since you are a chiropractor.
I go once a month to a chiropractor or get a massage to relieved neck and shoulder tension.

Thanks again for playing a part in this little mystery of mine. A portrait led me all the way to Australia!! Very cool!!

Thanks a lot.